MS Token LLC has a treasure trove of material to produce NFTs based on the people, places, and stories depicted on the Millennium Sapphire. The special relationship between the Millennium Sapphire and MS Token makes our NFTs extremely unique as dividends and valuable as collectibles.

The Millennium Sapphire NFT Studio has an international creative team that works with leading animation studios and world-famous artists such as Alessio Boschi to help design unique limited edition NFTs for institutional buyers and private collectors.

In 2021, MFAI executed a sale of 7,700 NFTs based on the Sputnik satellite for US$16 million to Greenpro Capital Corp. (GRNQ), which at the time was the largest institutional NFT sale in history. This was followed by the sale of 72,253 NFTs valued at US$21.67 million to EV Biologics (OTC: YECO) as a digital asset dividend distribution of the NFTs to public company investors.

In the same year, the Moon Man NFT produced by the NFT Studio was sold at a Miami NFT Charity Auction for USD20,000.

Besides producing the Moon Man NFT and Bering Sea Clinker NFT, the Millennium Sapphire NFT Studio is either in production or currently developing a series of collectible NFTs that are not only rare but also have utility linked to works of art or games. Future plans include the acquisition of extremely valuable works of fine art from which the NFT Studio will create NFTs unique to that artwork.

Our ‘House of Cards’ series will include playing decks of 52 NFT cards each with unique characteristics using original illustrations that feature likenesses of famous individuals depicted on the Millennium Sapphire.

In addition to being sold on NFT marketplaces, qualified holders of MS Token will be entitled to receive House of Cards NFTs as special dividends. Further details will be announced soon.

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